Protecting the natural environment for the present and future generations with, social and economic principle of sustainable development

To promote awareness in the society regarding Global warming and climate changes
To implement and popularize bio-dynamic organic farming.
To promote the clean living environment through proper solid waste management practice use.
To protect the rivers, lakes, streams free from E-coils.

The concern about increasing environmental problems is universal. Forests are degrading, rivers shrinking, soil is eroding (acidifying), wildlife is disappearing, rain is diminishing, land and ground water resources are depleting, non bio degradable wastes are being deposited on land and oceans, resulting in contamination of various sources of ground water. Due to burning of solid wastes, clouds of smoke are hanging over our earth thus increasing toxicity in the climate. Alien weeds (Ex:Parthenium) are the second largest cause for the loss of biodiversity. It is shaking the very foundation of human life and all other kinds of flora and fauna.

This could be initiated through creation of awareness on environment at various levels.

» “If we cannot love the Earth which we see – How can we love god
whom we cannot see”
» Resources are limited – Restraint should be used, all are dependents.
» If you see the Moon – you see the beauty of God
» If you see the Sun – you see the power of God
» If you see the mirror – You see the best creation of God
So believe in you – We all are tourists & god is our travel agent, who already fixed all our Routes reservation Destinations,

To protect the earth from any further harm individual efforts are not enough we have to depend on group efforts to achieve our goals, so here is a wakeup call to all who are environmental conscious people to join “Save our Earth club” an intuitive of Suryodhaya Environment Management Organization, a nonprofit registered trust formed by likeminded people, with the intention of making a pollution free earth.

The Trust with Constitution and By-Laws.

Man should be helped to live a natural life. He should not be forced to live in an un-natural setting. Either man has to die or man has to change. It is obvious that man will not choose to die; the longing for life is so great… Just think? As for as we know, we have only one earth which is the only place, where the living beings can survive. When every need of living being is provided for by the earth, shouldn’t it be given the utmost priority? To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.