Promoting ECO (ROOT) CLUBS with MOU and Conducting Biodiversity studies, seminars, speeches, debate, drawing competitions, talk shows by resource persons/volunteers, by providing LED projector/TV to schools, colleges and origination where it helps to motivate/ awareness students of global and local on environment de grading issues.

Green festivals
March 21st, Forestry Day, 22nd Water Day, 23rd Climate day, April 7th World Health Day, 22nd Earth Day, May 22nd International Bio-diversity Day, 31st world anti-Tobacco day, June 5th Environment Day, July 28th Nature Protection day, Spetembar-16th World ozone day, October 27th Nature protection day, November 5th to 9th National Recycling week, December 4th Chemical disaster prevention day, 11th International mountains day, 14th National energy saving day.

my planet my future logo finalMY PLANET MY FUTURE
Are we heading towards an Ecological collapse of our Planet Earth? Human activities have become destructive than preservative. We need to address these environmental issues on a fast track basis. Scientific experiments have provided us enough proofs of certain disasters that are likely to strike sooner than later. It is time for us to initiate immediate measures for preserving this great home of ours urgently with solvable solutions.

Vision-13 is aimed at management of these issues during the academic year 2013-2014 through environmental activities by the student community to whom the future world belongs.